How To Apply For A Vhost...(And the Rules)

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How To Apply For A Vhost...(And the Rules)

Postby Guest on Mon Dec 19, 2005 10:46 am

So you want your very own vhost eh? 8) Well there's things you gotta know before you can get one..

First you gotta join the channel #vhost and know the following rules..

1: To apply for a vhost: Type: !vhost (replacing "" with what you wish to have)
2: Nicks must be registered for at least 2 weeks (really 15 days due to a rounding error) before approval.
3: Only *1* vhost per person - choose wisely the first time as we will not approve a 2nd one.
4: This IS NOT a toy! Abuse will result in banishment from #vhost and possible loss of your current vhost.
5: We reserve the right to deny any vhost application submitted.
6: Do not idle in #vhost, please leave after applying for your vhost.
7: Vhosts may be changed if oper so deems it necessary (i.e. vhosts may be changed at oper whim)
8: If you have multiple nicks use the "/nickserv group" command for the vhost to be on all of your registered nicknames.

* Turning Vhosts Off: /msg hostserv off
* Turning Vhosts On: /msg hostserv on

NOTE: a VHOST can interfere when downloading from a firewalled server so consider carefully.

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